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The Lady behind Daisy Blue

An educated, dedicated Mom:
a welcome addition to your event

"Daisy Blue" is more than your average entertainer!
She received a B.S. in Education from Concordia Teachers'
College with majors in Elementary Education and Art and a minor in Sociology. After several years of teaching, she became a stay-at-home Mom for her three children.

She attended Fulton County Clown School and began a career as a professional clown. Soon her clowning blossomed into a full-time career. A second marriage has since added a wonderful man and his daughter to her family.

All kinds of clowning experience

Daisy Blue's clowning experiences include restaurant entertaining such as TGIFridays, Damon's, Buffalo Wild Wings, and Ralphie's. Fortune 500 company parties are included in her repertoire.

Two most memorable experiences were entertaining children of all ages at an outdoor wedding at a horse ranch and a pool party in Maui for a 90-year-old lady.

Nursery schools and nursing homes welcome Daisy for her entertainment. She is great with the very young and the very old, and everyone in between!

A true professional

Daisy Blue has a strict adherence to the Clown Code of Ethics, the Ten Commandments of Clowning, and the Biblical Ten Commandments. She is a member of the World Clown Association.

An artist at heart

Daisy Blue is also a true artist at heart. Her ever-popular face and arm paintings are just a taste of what she can do! Many church groups have also experienced her creative "chalk talk" entertainment presentations. When she's not clowning, her hobbies include painting on rocks and bowling balls, flower arranging, and creating stained glass panels.

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