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Daisy Blue is a happy-faced clown who delights
children and adults alike at all kinds of parties and
special events. No party is complete without balloon
animals, face painting, bubbles, party games, and
goodie bags – all provided by Toledo’s favorite clown.*

Daisy Blue is cheerful, reliable, professional, and experienced. She can really bring your party
to life! Everyone loves balloon sculpting, and Daisy Blue knows how to whip up about 50
different creations! She is also a face painting artist, with full face, cheek, hand, or arm drawings – finished off with a light dusting of glitter for a special touch! Daisy Blue is happy to lead games for the kids. Before the kids leave the party, she will help them create their own take-home goodie bags. The birthday child also receives a gift from Daisy Blue.

Make your party more smooth for the host and more memorable for the guests.
Contact Daisy Blue and let your party plans blossom!

All Kinds of Occasions
birthday parties • family reunions • company picnics • nursing homes • nursery/preschools • wedding receptions• wedding anniversaries •
graduations • church celebrations • benefits • school carnivals •
grand openings • school events • restaurants • any special occasion!

All Kinds of Fun
face painting • arm and hand painting • balloon animals • balloon hats •
games • bubble wand fun • goodie bags • a gift for the birthday child

Do you know what's even more popular than face paintings? Arm and hand paintings! Children can not only watch as the detailed design is being painted, but they can see the finished product and walk around showing it off! That extra final touch of ultra fine glitter makes it even more special.

Do you just love bubbles? Outdoor parties in warm months are extra special with Daisy Blue because she brings her specialty wands and her secret original bubble recipe for awesome bubble action. You can whip up thousands of bubbles and even try making 10-foot-long bubbles with her specialty wands. Daisy Blue is the only clown around who offers this kind of bubble fun.

A Special Program, Just For Churches
Did you know that Daisy Blue can also be your guest speaker? Does your church have a group event or banquet coming up, and you are looking for a fun, wholesome, interesting presentation? Daisy Blue has developed a religious-oriented program with colorful poster-sized pictures and light discussion – not to mention the balloon animals and paintings to add to the fun. It's perfect for Mother-Daughter banquets, Women's Groups, Boys' and Girls' Clubs, and more! Daisy Blue would love to chat with you and help you set up a memorable event.